Back like I never left….

Hey guys,





Wait, wait ,wait! before you crucify me, I can explain. I was kidnapped by Aliens and I woke up in Venus and …….. I jest, I jest! There is absolutely no excuse for ย disappearing on you guys without giving you a heads up. I should be punished and sentenced to an hour of shoving down a cup of Cold Stone Ice Cream down my throat…. again, I jest. LOL. On a more serious note, I was super busy as I did a lot of travelling during these past months and just couldn’t find the perfect time to blog.

How have you guys been? I missed you so much but I’m back and ย I have a lot of tips and content to share with you. My next post will be a beauty haul post to show you products I’m using at the moment, I’ll also be doing a swatch and review of these products, so look out for that. I will also have a makeup tutorial up on my YouTube Channel on Sunday. I’m so excited to share all these and more with you guys so please forgive your girl and stick around.

See you in my next post and as usual be kind to yourselves and to others.

Kiky’s tip of the day:ย Do NOT abandon your blog. ๐Ÿ™‚

Stay fierce…xo



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