Back like I never left….

Hey guys,





Wait, wait ,wait! before you crucify me, I can explain. I was kidnapped by Aliens and I woke up in Venus and …….. I jest, I jest! There is absolutely no excuse for  disappearing on you guys without giving you a heads up. I should be punished and sentenced to an hour of shoving down a cup of Cold Stone Ice Cream down my throat…. again, I jest. LOL. On a more serious note, I was super busy as I did a lot of travelling during these past months and just couldn’t find the perfect time to blog.

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Welcome to my Blog!


Hey guys!

Thank you for stopping by my own precious little corner on the” World Wide Web”. This is my very first post and i am very excited…. really i am. I hope to inspire any woman out there who needs help and feels lost about makeup application with my blog.

Yea yea i know what you are thinking, “another beauty blog” right? wrong! lol. As long as i can remember, i have loved makeup. It’s the only thing i love most after God, family and food and i really believe i am good at it.

Disclaimer: I am not a professional in makeup or a Dermatologist, i just want to share with you ladies and gents….(yes gents) some of the things i have learnt over the years and what works for ME!

Please stick around….I promise i am nice! 🙂

Stay fierce…xo


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